07H15  Children start arriving.  Play in the Aftercare room with construction toys.

08h15   Greeting Ring / Free Choice activities inside aftercare room, on the verandah and in the small Garden.

09h30  Bathroom Routine / Snack time

10h15   Creative Activities

10h50   Free Choice Activities in the large garden

11h15   Whole Group Ring/ games Story

12h00   Lunch / Bathroom Routine

12h25   Rest Time when each child has a mattress to lie on.  A video is put on softly for children whose parents would rather they do not nap

13h30    As per half-day structure


11h45    Junior groups (Purple, Blue and Red) go into the dining room for lunch.

11h50    Seniors (Orange, Green and Yellow) go to lunch

12h15   Juniors rest in the Aftercare room.  TV put on quietly for those who cannot sleep.
Seniors go to Music room for activities there.

13h30   All children meet on the large field for a free choice play time.

14h50   Children use bathroom and have snack.

15h15   Free choice play in large or small garden if the weather is good.

16h30   Videos and games inside.

17h15   Aftercare closes.



Aftercare staff may administer medication if required.  Instructions need to be written in small notebooks or in the Medicine Book kept in Mrs Henning’s office.  Medicines need to be clearly labelled and left in the office or refrigerated if needed.  Parents are responsible for collecting the medication from the kitchen at the end of the day.


Parents of children who are vegetarian or have any special diet requirements need to inform Aftercare supervisors.  Allergies are especially important.  This can be done via the little notebook or conveyed personally.

Menus are prepared weekly; a term at a time and lists appear outside the kitchen.  Tables are laid neatly and meals are served in small portions as attractively as possible.  In a society where eating disorders are common; our policy is not to force eating; rather that they are given the opportunity to taste new things and enjoy their food in a relaxed and friendly environment.


A change of clothes and a warm top are essential in all seasons.  If children have a costume or spare underwear in their bag, they will be able to go under the sprinkler on very hot days.


All children attending extra-mural activities will be released into the care of Aftercare staff following Audi-kids, Ballet, Drummies, Music Club etc and must be collected from the cul-de-sac gate.

Children will not be released to anyone not authorised by parents.  Please make sure any new arrangements are made through the notebook.  We may even call to check should we be unsure of the arrangement.

Children are expected to come to the Aftercare staff and say goodbye.  This is especially important when on the field so that they are signed off the register.

Children need to be in the care of an adult at all times.   Should fetching parents be engaged in conversation with a staff member or other parent, their children may not leave the aftercare room, for example, and play unsupervised on the jungle gym alone.  This is also especially important outside the school, in the car park.

Safety when leaving the school is important.  Please use the marked release button just inside the blue room to open outside gate before using the inner gate.  The outside buzzer should only be used on entry where rules require that staff have visual proof of persons entering.

Cut off time is 17h15.  Please try and be prompt to avoid anxiety by all concerned.