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The Parent Support Group (P.S.G)The Parent Support Group (P.S.G) is a group of energetic moms and dads who are actively involved at The Birches through fundraising for short and long term projects at the school.  

As we receive very little funding from the Government and school fees are used to cover the basic running costs of the school the funds raised from various events throughout the year allow our school to constantly improve the level of educational equipment we can offer our children.

However, as much as these are all very much welcomed and important, the number one reason for our moms and dads to join the P.S.G is for our children.  The proud smile on their faces as they see you "busy at their school" is truly priceless.  The fact that the parents deem "their" school as important makes them view The Birches in the same way.  Research has shown that children whose parents are actively involved in their school tend to make better choices in their school career when it comes to choosing friends and taking school in general, seriously.  There is no coincidence that children who achieve are often the children of the parents involved at the school!

Various exciting events are planned through the year, some of which are:

~ Family Evening - a social event to allow parents to get to know one another and for young and old to have some fun!

~ Fun Day - a morning event and our biggest fund raiser of the year.  Children get to take part in various games and activities and in-between all that we have design competitions, "guest" appearances and you may even catch a glimpse of a fire engine display!

~ Grandparents Day - an opportunity for the children to honour these very special folk in their lives with a poem, dance or song!

~ Eveready Sponsored Torch Walk - held in the evening - kids love this event as they do their big walk with a sponsored torch!

~ Craft Evening - another parents social evening where not only is it about spending some time with the other parents and teachers, but you get the opportunity to see your little budding "Picasso" at work!

~ End of Year Concerts - a really special event for both the children and parents!

The P.S.G has a lot of fun putting these events together and many wonderful friendships are formed. Therefore we want to encourage more moms and dads to become involved!

So how can I become involved?  At the Information Evening in the beginning of the year, an information pamphlet will be handed to you.  There is a tear off page you can complete and a PSG member will get in touch with you.  Alternatively you can pop the PSG an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The P.S.G meets once or twice a term, depending on the event coming up, at 18h45 in the school hall.

We would love to see you there!